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The Every Mum

Updated: Aug 20, 2022


The gentle mum the yelly mum

The can I just be both? Mum

The tomorrow will be better mum

The just get through today mum

A bit of a helicopter, “here, let me”

The risk taker, the adventurer

The just wait and see.

The don’t make me laugh or I might pee.

The penny for your thoughts mum

The confident outspoken mum

You think you know her story mum

You don’t, so just be kind mum.

The dressing gown, the coffee in hand

the yoga pants, some self care planned

Watch ‘one born every minute’ mum

The ignorance is bliss mum

I’m one and done, or what’s two or five?

The only organic, or just eat to survive

The, I need a moment alone mum

The cannot be without them mum.

Crunchy, Yummy, whatever mum.

Postpartum undies, saggy bum.

2 years later coz they’re comfy, mum.

The mum who loves loud, everyone knows

She loves loud too, but with curtains closed.

The frazzled mum, the sweary mum.

“I said truck, don’t repeat that at kindy”, mum.

The I can rap this whole song in the car mum

I got 99 problems... and baby shark is one.

The larger body REAL mum

The skinny body REAL mum

The just stop talking about my body mum

Don’t look at it, but what it’s done!

The text book mum, the earthy mum,

the I have no idea what I’m doing mum.

The excuse the mess (but it’s tidy) mum.

The anxious, hovering, worried mum.

The work out kind, the pay no mind

The mum tum, mum bun

5pm wine.

The stay at home, the working mum

The both are hard on my heart mum

The crafty mum, lets whip up a cake

The I’d rather poke out my eyes than bake.

But the thing is this,

you are good enough mum.

If it’s dark and restful, not a peep.

Or if you’re cuddling them whispering “go the f*ck to sleep”.

Because when the day is over and done.

I’m a little bit of every mum.


Poem from book 'All I See Is You

Shop the poetry collection here

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