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The Girl In The Mirror

Today I saw an old friend

from my past.

She barely stopped,

she was moving so fast.

Hurrying and shushing

and looking quite flushed.

The frazzled kind,

not contoured with blush.

I had to double take

her brows in a frown.

Her clothes mis-matched,

her hair in a crown.

She carried herself differently

tired and raw.

A beauty that shined

more visibly than before.

She swayed side to side

a baby on her hip

as she stared in the distance

chewing her lip.

I decided to approach

and reconnect with this girl.

To remind her that she

was conquering the world.

She told me her life

had completely changed.

That the pieces of her

had been rearranged.

Pieces left for months

on the floor

so it took her a while

to feel whole once more.

Then she said, “I get it now,

this is who I’m meant to be”,

and I actually believed her

as she stared back at me.

She was tired yet knowing.

A world of content.

In a place so new,

for where she was meant.

I took a deep breath

as I left our embrace,

from the girl in the mirror,

with a smile on my face.

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