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The Little Things

I’m beginning to notice things I didn’t before Like your tiny gumboots waiting at the door.

Curious fingernails with dirt underneath The way you say “ahhhh” as I brush those small teeth.

Your little frayed toothbrush, where once there were two. The light in your eyes when you discover something new.

Tissues upon tissues for that button nose Hanging mountains of washing of tiny clothes.

Colours and mess as I watch you creating Painting with food while the dog sits there waiting.

Those wobbly thighs before you hit the floor A cuddle and a kiss as you try once more.

The content that I feel, seeing your full round tum The love that I have for that cushioned nappy bum.

That perfect home, remembering clean Realising now, this is a what a home means.

My mind clouded daily with nursery songs The sweetest sound I ever heard when you sing along.

Alerting me to every car, truck and plane On our walks in the morning, every day it’s the same.

The longest nights as I stroke your hair Your eyes flutter closed just knowing I’m there.

The way you find joy in the simplest of things In every season and what it brings.

Understanding sometimes these may feel like a chore Will be my fondest memories when I don’t have them anymore.

Before the training wheels come off and those new teeth come through I’ll revel in these moments, this version of you.

Artwork: O-trocatintas

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