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This Is How You Should Do It

“This is how you should do it”

I’m no stranger to the advice

But don’t condemn me for the choices I’ve made

So that I look contrite

My eyes will bulge

I’ll let the night take its toll

Because hearing little cries alone

Isn’t gentle on my soul

I’ll sit here in my robe

As she hangs off the boob

I’ll tell you nicely with a smile

We’ll stop when she’s twenty two

I wonder some days

Did you care to look

At her,

Instead of that textbook?

Boob or bottles

Shushing or a gentle pat.

I guess every baby’s different.

Fancy that?

It’s hard to explain

This constant attachment

It’s exhausting some days, but manageable

But if I could try, I guess I would say

My bond with her won’t be intangible

I accept in motherhood

There will be many noises

In a brazen attempt to

Validate their choices

To be independent

That doesn’t sound so crazy?

Did we forget along the way

That she’s just a baby?

It’s only a given

These indifferent opinions.

But I can’t help but wonder

Will it always be like this?

Do they get to an age

Where advice isn’t so generously dished?

I know I’ll make mistakes

I know I have my flaws

But I want to say I did my best

And not that I did yours.

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