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We're All Trying

I’ll never be able to please everyone, I forget that’s ok.

That when we share content that is ‘safe’ that only appeals to the masses it won’t have the same sentiment of speaking to you directly. Even if it reaches less, it means more.

Like this picture I posted by Natural Mama Co about a responsive approach, I know it can be triggering for mothers who chose to go another direction. I have friends who sleep trained, who aren’t really into poetry, and friends who put toilet paper on the holder a different way. We’re still friends (even though it should never be under) 😅

Point is, when I share my breastfeeding journey or how I birthed, or the fact I rocked or cuddled my babies to sleep, that’s my journey. I share content from my point of view hoping that it aligns with who it needs to.

I believe the reason we see so much gentle parenting content out there now is purely to empower the mums who are comfortable with this approach to keep going, when for so long main stream advice and generations have tried to steer us in a different direction and our inner voices have been muffled under text books.

Having said that, I don’t think we should boast about the bags under our eyes either because it’s also not healthy to get no sleep! But I knew my limits and I knew what I was comfortable with. I knew what my heart was telling me.

Same goes for both ways.

We’re all cracked open, our hearts are filling and aching and doubting and loving and trying.

We’re all trying.

The approach we choose is what’s right for us and we should feel empowered regardless of what it is.

We’re the best mothers for our babies, even when we forget it, we are.

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