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"What Did You Do All Day?"

Me: “Right kids, what are we going to do today?”

I make breakfast. I clean up the remnants from breakfast. I change nappies, brush teeth, wash faces. I stuff snacks into the pram and go on a walk with the dog. I time it so Holly has her nap on the walk, she doesn’t. We get home and Harry’s nappy needs changing, again. I put TV on for a short while. Feels guilty for the TV being on. I finally get her down. Harry goes to play outside. I do some dishes. I pick up some toys. I put on a load of washing. Bins are overflowing, I take them out. I forgot the poop scoop and Harry’s been outside. Great.

Holly’s awake, I get her up and get her outside too. Lunch time soon... We come inside. I start to write the shopping list, they’re fighting, I stop writing the shopping list. I prepare their lunch. They eat. We play some more, while my minds on the food all over the floor and dishes everywhere. Washing machine beeps at me.

I hang out washing and bring them back out so I can watch them. Mental note to buy them more clothes as they’re growing out of them, and fast. Thinks about money... maybe I should find some part time work? Gets out sensory activities. Regrets getting out sensory activities. Spends a long time cleaning up after said sensory activities. Lunch nap time. Nappy changes. Battles to get them down. Wins.... eventually. Cleans quickly. Does a couple of small chores. Scrolls through Facebook. Oooo that article on what to feed your toddler is interesting, do I give them enough veggies? I stuff my face, they wake. The house is still a mess somehow.

Snacks. Milk. Comforting. Playing. Teaching. Nappy changes. Leaving the housework, again. Starts to feel guilty because of it.

Starts to feel guilty because we don’t get out enough. Feels overwhelmed with the planning of just getting out.

Takes them out. Snacks. Watches it drip and fall into the pram. Mental note, clean that later. They’re tired, they’re over it. Feels overwhelmed by being out. Wrestles them into car seats. Gets home, change of clothes because Harry wet through his. Unpacks and repacks nappy bag. Starts stripping the sheets, when did I last do that?

Calls out to the kids when it goes silent, “Where are you, what are you doing”? Sits down and reads them a book.

Feels guilty that I rushed through it. Even though no one was interested. Prepares their dinner. Realises I never showered today. Realises there’s toy cars and colourful plastic eye sores throughout the whole house that I haven’t tidied up. Starts thinking about the night routine.

Husband gets home from work: “What did you guys get up to today?”

Me: *sighs* “Nothing much, I never seem to get anything done around here”.

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