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Why is the journey back so much faster?

I remember when I was 5 or 6, Mum was driving and I asked her why the trip back from holiday was faster.

She simply told me the journey back always is.

There’s no science to it, it wasn’t.

But I accepted it for what it was.

Even though we travelled the same distance.

My son asked me yesterday as we were looking through wedding photos where he was, did we leave him at home?

It’s not as easy to say something to him and have him accept it. I explained to him he wasn’t born at that time and he came into our lives later, but he’s 3 1/2 and the enormity of that piece of information had him questioning everything. A friend told me her little girl says, “was that when I was a star in the sky?”, this would only cause him to question how he could ever be a star. He is so literal.

He catches me off guard often, wanting to understand things. Some things I try to answer and wonder if it’s making sense, if only I had time to construct my sentences to fit the puzzle pieces of his thoughts.

Holding him close and rocking him isn’t enough anymore, now my wisdom is needed and I hope it’s enough for his inquisitive mind, the mind that seeks wonder and possibility in everything.

How did we get here so quickly when the days felt so long. One minute I’m wondering when he will say ‘mama’ and the next he’s asking me how far away the moon is.

Maybe Mum didn’t know how to answer my question in the car that time. But as I look back now, the journey feels so much faster.

Maybe she knew exactly what she meant.

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