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Will You Remember?

Will you remember

to way back before

I whispered “I love you”

as I closed your door?

And I wonder if maybe,

you will remember

the way the house smelt

in the month of December

The racing to bed

and stroking your head,

the songs that we sung,

and the books that we read

I wonder if maybe

you’ll remember on Sunday,

the pancakes, then school bags

all ready for Monday

That mother spelt love,

the way I held you

And when I messed up

I apologised too

I wonder if maybe

you’ll remember the way

his keys made music

at the end of the day

How I held you forever

when our eyes first met

How you’ll never remember

what I can’t forget

One day you’ll be older

maybe a child of your own

and I’ll sit there and watch you

and that’s when I’ll know

It was more than just holding you in my arms

And more than just conversations with the stars.

It was more than the nights that called for my bed,

the ones I stayed up and held you instead.

It was more than the milestones, or the places we’d been.

It was the little moments too, the ones in between.

And some days were hard, sometimes a lot.

And we muddled through often.

More often than not.

But the love and the smiles would find us each morning.

The glue to our days of this childhood forming.

And maybe one night

after the longest of days

when your singing about

happiness when skies are grey

There were Sunday pancakes

and it’s now time for bed

as you yawn at the stars

while you’re stroking their head

Maybe you’ll ask me,

“Will they remember this mum?”

Your face will be tired

Your hair in a bun.

And that’s when I’ll smile

because now I am sure.

As you whisper “I love you”,

and close their door.

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Terry Frost
Terry Frost
17. 8. 2023

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