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You'll Always Be My Baby

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

You’ll always be my baby

just heavier to hold

You’ll always be my beginning

but a comfort that feels old

You’ll always be my heart beat

a familiar but new sound

You’ll always be the ticking clock

in a world you made slow down

You’ll always be my worry

when you trip and when you fall

You’ll always be my tears

the happiest of them all

You’ll always be my constant

the pulse of our home

You’ll always be my calling

more so when I’m alone

You’ll always be my journey

I’m taken away with you

You’ll always be my weakness

and a strength I never knew

You’ll always be my final thoughts

even on those harder days

You’ll always be my forever

and forever be my always

You’ll always be my reason

even when I’m grey and old

You’ll always be my baby

just heavier to hold

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