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Your Reminder

You may have forgotten to put the washing out or forgotten to clean the fridge recently.

Yes that cheese is mouldy and it’s not the expensive kind.

You forgot to take your jacket out with you and it’s freezing but your babies are toasty warm.

Or maybe you forgot to txt that person back or wish an old friend a happy birthday.

Dammit, commenting Happy Birthday on the “thanks for all the birthday wishes” post yet again... .

You forgot to set your alarm, wait, you don’t need one of those anymore.. .

You forgot to eat lunch today but you made sure your babies belly was nice and full.

You may have forgotten to take out the bins last week and now your skulking around at night with bags of nappies to dump in your neighbours bins... no? just us? Ok.

Maybe you forgot when you last washed your sheets, or hair for that matter.

You forgot to pick up the dog poo and your toddlers gumboots remind you of this when he comes inside. Yayyy more poo to contend with.


You might have forgotten to change the toilet roll, hang on, that was my husband.

You forgot to unstack the dishwasher, even though it kindly beeped at you 100 times to remind you. Or pay that bill ... crap I knew I should have put it in a more obvious place than the centre of the fridge.

You forgot to take the 7 month old milestone photo the other day, 7 months and 5 days will do...

You forgot that appointment, that conversation, that thing you were meant to do...

You may have forgotten your head since it became lobotomized by ‘baby brain’ or forgotten what only thinking for yourself feels like.

But don’t forget to make time for YOU however small.

It’s so hard juggling all of these balls, but don’t drop the one that holds it all together.

Consider this your reminder.

(And also, for all of the above) x

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