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Poet & Sunday Times
Bestselling Author

"Through her poems Jess guides you right into the heart of motherhood with her poignant and piercing style and is unafraid to take you, with her words, into the tender places of life as a mother" - Tracy Gillett, Founder of Raised Good
"The poems are so beautifully observed and shared. The words awaken the magic of life by celebrating the ordinary. They remind you of what once was, while beautifully planting you in the now. I just want to go back to the start and read them all again. A beautiful companion to keep by my side". - Giovanna Fletcher, Author, Presenter, Actress
"The Rainbow In My Heart is a FAVOURITE in our home! My son and I read it all the time, and it's really helped him put a name to his emotions. Definitely a book every child should have!" - Lindsey Gurk, Presenter & Content Creator
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