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Hi, I'm Jess... and I like to write, mostly about motherhood

Thanks for being here, My name is Jess and I am an author and poet. I live in New Zealand with my husband and children (and two fur babies). My books collectively have sold over 150,000 copies worldwide, you can shop for these here. You can also become a member of my community and support my writing here.

I find writing extremely cathartic, and since sharing my words I now have a beautiful community of parents across my social channels, all here for the beautiful messy truth of motherhood.

Now informally....

If I don’t remember your name it’s because I was concentrating so hard on being friendly and not smiling awkwardly that I literally just did not hear your name.


Since becoming a Mum I have no time for fake, real talk gives me back my energy.

I bite the inside of my cheeks a lot, I worry, I suffered from post natal anxiety and I write a lot of lists, I have lists everywhere.


I love singing ballads like Adele, but would actually love to rap like Jay-Z given the chance.

I never eat a banana before picking that weird dark grey thing off the bottom, I realise I’m passing this complex onto my children.

Some days I’m just so overwhelmed I’ll either yell at “the animals” for being in my way or I’ll stop and talk to them in my weird voice reserved only for them.

I’m petrified of moths, I can’t stand it when people say “they won’t hurt you”. They hurt my happiness.. so there.


I used to hate my dimple in my chin, now all my kids have it, so now I love it.

I’ve been writing poetry since 5 years old, not just happy fluffy pieces either.

And that's what I write about, the highs and the lows, the outpouring love and messy magic of it all. 


Thanks so much for being here and don't forget to follow along on Facebook and Instagram

Jessics Urlichs holding books
Jessica Urlichs

Creator & Author

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