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The Rainbow in my Heart is going international!!

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From our home to the world, our first international publication date with retailers in the United Kingdom is 26 August 2021 then later the United States and Canada will publish on 10 May 2022.

Why are the dates different?
Each market has different lead times for a book to go from an idea to being available at bookshops and these are the dates we have been given by our publisher.

Where can I pre-order?
In the UK you can support your local bookshop online or at In the US the pre-order links will be on my website later in 2021 and I will post links when I have them.

Notes from our publisher:
Due to the way the world is right now, books are being sent by boat rather than going via plane. This means everything takes more time. Because of this, it is incredibly helpful for people to pre-order books so we can know how much stock is needed and we can hopefully cut down the wait times between ordering and receiving a copy of our book.
Pre-ordering is available again from Book Depository Last time they advertised the New Zealand and Australian publication date, this was incorrect and Book Depository will now be advertising the UK release date (26 August 2021).

Remember you can still order this now if you don’t want to wait for these dates from Booktopia or The Mighty Ape
If you’re in NZ or Aus you can also find The Rainbow In my Heart at your local bookstore 

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My After All

The last in the poetry series of early motherhood - Coming Soon