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*Over 150,000 copies of the collection sold worldwide*

Beautiful Chaos
Selected Poems
*Sunday Times Bestseller*
Paperback, Audiobook & Ebook

Best of collection of most popular and previously unpublished poems from Jessica Urlichs with Penguin UK, Aus & NZ

Motherhood is messy and beautiful, and hard and humbling. We adore our children and sometimes we miss ourselves. Beautiful Chaos is a collection of raw, honest poems about motherhood - capturing everything from pregnancy to school age.

These poems will remind you of a time gone by or ground you in the current moment. They will make you feel seen and comforted amidst the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.

Canada - April 23 2024

US - June 7 2024

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Patrick & George
(Pre order now)
To My Love
A love letter to your partner
(Pre order now)
ToMyLove-HB Mockup.png

Pre-order now for release date approximately Sept 2024! Limited stock in first shipment, so don't miss out!

A heartwarming tale of friendship and empathy.

Feeling troubled, George takes Patrick on a journey through rocky mountains, deep ravines and a rushing river. Patrick tries his best to help George across these obstacles. Together, they discover problem solving isn’t as important as walking beside someone on their journey. This story will introduce empathy through an engaging adventure between two best friends. Written by Jessica Urlichs,

Illustrated by Craig Phillips, with parent/teacher notes written by Rebekah Lipp. Published by Wildling Books.

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Let Me Be Frank 

I remember us, my love

With plans so young and free

Our faces flush like springtime

When it was just you and me.


A stirring poem of the partnership during parenthood that will leave you both feeling seen and appreciated.

To My Love is a book to gift to yourself, or your beloved.

Pre order for approx August.

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Paperback & Hardback

"There are so many toys,

and games we can play.

Whatever we choose,

let's do it our way."


Join Frank and Quinn on their playdate - there are no limits to which toys they can play with and which games they can choose. A fun rhyming picture book to read with children to reinforce that they can choose to be and do the things that feel most like them.

A book perfect for encouraging being proud of who you are. Great for preschoolers and beyond.

Stay tuned for US/ CA & other worldwide dates

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From One Mom to a Mother (1)
A Collection of Poetry & Momisms
#1 most gifted poetry book on Amazon
website cover.png
All I See Is You (2)
Poems and Prose on Motherhood
website cover.png
Paperback, Hardback & E-Book
Hardback has additional poems!
Paperback, Hardback & E-Book
Hardback has additional poems!

Signed copies 10% off 3 books



Poignant, raw and beautifully honest pieces on motherhood.

"My go to gift for new mothers"

*Hardback includes additional poems including 'Dear Husband - The Future Can Wait'*

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Signed copies 10% off 3 books


“Jessica found a way to put into words the very soul of motherhood’.

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My After All (3)
Motherhood Poetry & Prose
1698487753-fotor-bg-remover-20231028232740 (2).png
Paperback, Hardback & E-Book
Hardback has additional poems!
You Hung The Moon
A gift book for mothers
#1 International Bestseller
YouHungTheMoon-HB-Updated Jan 24.png

Signed copies 10% off 3 books


"To move people with words, is such a special privilege'"

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A delightful gift for mothers of all ages and a beautiful book to share with children.


When you hold me

and sway like you do,

I know it was you

who hung the moon.


From infancy to childhood, through the teenage years and into adulthood, the love between a mother and child is a bond like no other. This heartwarming book of verse by bestselling author and poet Jessica Urlichs is a celebration of this inimitable bond, gorgeously illustrated by Sarah Reinhardt.

'Would make the most incredible gift for both young and old mothers around the world' - @TheMotherhoodProjectNZ

'Jess has an incredible way with words' - Meg Mansell

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My Superpowers
'Being the best me I can be'
The Rainbow In My Heart
A book about emotions
No.1 Bestseller
Available in Paperback & E-Book
Available in Paperback & E-Book

Experiencing emotions and learning what they mean can be a challenge for kids. This accessible and engaging rhyming picture book will illuminate the rainbow of feelings that live in our heart.


Includes helpful notes and conversation starters for parents, guardians and teachers. Published by Hachette NZ.

"We all have lots of feelings,
it's OK to let them show.
They all live in our heart
as our very own rainbow."

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Printable Poems by Jess - Etsy Store

Children can use an amazing toolkit of mental skills everyday to explore their feelings and express their needs - their very own superpowers! Perfect for your little ones that are close to starting school or in primary school already. Published by Hachette NZ.

"Every single day

Through the minutes and hours

There's always a time

To use my superpowers!"


Available worldwide

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Greeting Cards
Welcome To motherhood poem Greeting Card by Jessica Urlichs and Hey Weegs

High Resolution prints for gifting or framing.

Check out my Etsy store for over 100 poems categorized for new mothers, your children, or your partner.

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