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Poet & Bestselling Author

"A beautiful and emotive collection of writing that made me feel seen and understood through the early stages of motherhood." - Nikki Wolff (Celebrity Makeup Artist)
"Jessica’s writing was the postpartum life raft I didn’t know I needed until I found it. I really struggled with the monumental shift that becoming a mother can be, when I found Jessica’s poetry I felt seen, heard, less alone and validated. Her words are healing, deeply relatable and the comforting tonic all new mothers should have on their bedside table". - Caroline Foran, (No. 1 Best selling Author of 'Owning It')
"The Rainbow In My Heart is a FAVOURITE in our home! My son and I read it all the time, and it's really helped him put a name to his emotions. Definitely a book every child should have!" - Lindsey Gurk (Presenter & Content Creator)
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