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A social media reminder for today

Social media has to be one of the best and worst things about motherhood today.

We crave connection, and with the way things are today, it’s no wonder.

It’s harder to come by in real life, and not just because of the pandemic, our days feel so full and even when they aren’t, our minds are.

It wasn’t just the early days of scrolling that led me to be less than kind to myself, sometimes I still forget now. I still forget how lucky we are in this life when I see perfectly labelled pantries and Mums who seem to have their shit together. I still forget that my social media feed is simply my chosen subscription, an advertisement into somebody else’s life.

It’s can be easy to feel less than perfect.

Because motherhood isn’t perfect.

That sentence does not negate how amazing it is either.

Even if you practice mindfulness, even if you know how to drop anchor, mother’s carry guilt that either runs rampant or lays dormant, and seeing things we think we SHOULD be doing can trigger it so easily.

And I still forget, that if we don’t have our shit together we can still enjoy sitting around the backyard, while I watch the kids run through the sprinkler.

I still forget, that if I don’t enjoy every minute it doesn’t make me ungrateful.

I still forget that I’m not a bag of shit just because I’ve had a shitty day.

I still forget to tune out the noise.

I forget, because I’m still my own worst critic.

So if you’re scrolling and only seeing highlights, you’ll forget that it’s normal for every single mother to experience both highs and lows, it’s not just you.

We’re hard enough on ourselves as mothers, when did ‘real’ become something we stopped aspiring to?

So a reminder for you today:

Be kind to yourself.

You probably don’t need that thing.

A large chunk of motherhood is often in the unseen.

You don’t have to love every single thing about motherhood, doesn’t mean you love them any less.

You’re doing enough, you are enough.

And take a break off socials if it sometimes feels too much x

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