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Some Things I Know

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Try to listen as if you have nothing to say after.

Water tends to solve restlessness, drinking it, splashing in it.

Stop worrying about their white clothes getting dirty.

Stop buying them white clothes.

You will not ruin them by sometimes saying the wrong thing.

Always buy more bananas than you think.

Hide spinach in smoothies, add berries for flavour.

Surrender to the sleep thing, it’s less exhausting than fighting it. You will sleep again, sort of.

If they won’t eat their dinner then feed them the same thing off your plate, or in their room, or in the bath.

They will have a favourite book, it won’t be yours, but you will read it 100 times anyway.

You won’t need an alarm clock anymore.

You won’t be a gentle parent all of the time, albeit trying.

If they’re playing and laughing together it’s usually followed by crying.

Get a laundry hamper for every room, it’s just easier.

Mum guilt gets the good mums.

Buy two of their favourite cuddly, if you know, you know.

You can try hide in the pantry to devour that chocolate, but they will sniff you out.

You don’t need lots of fancy toys, they will enjoy the box it came in, the tv remote, the dog bowls.

Saying “it’s spicy”, only works for so long.

“I’ll race you to bed”, only works for so long.

Let them cling to you in bed, it won’t be forever.

Be willing to unlearn, so they can teach you.

Live in the moment when you remember to.

Don’t believe everything you see online.

Toddlers can be savage, it’s not just yours.

You don’t need everything in that nappy bag, but on the

day you don’t bring it, you’ll need it.

Hours can pass by in 5 minutes, but as they say, the years are short.

Get comfortable with public tantrums, big emotions, yours too, and Blippi and Frozen.

Talk about how craft is for daycare.

Attempt said craft at home, cry.

Mess can be cleaned, but it’s OK if you’re triggered by it, I get it.

Remember you are not just nurturing them but this life of yours together. Do things for you too.

Apologise to them when you need to.

Don’t apologise for them acting their age.

Buy two sizes up, hand me downs are even better.

Keep reinforcing you said “truck”, even though that won’t work.

Take a deep breath, teach them about deep breathing.

Most of us don’t know what we’re doing, but we will always show up.

Hold your arms out to them, even when you don’t feel like it.

You probably need that hug more than they do.


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